Tropical Hardwood Forest Conservation

Building the Woodturner Conservation Campaign

  • Link to this site from any website(s) that you use for individual or group activity, education, buying, or selling.
  • Talk to the members of your local woodturning group and refer them to this website.
  • Talk to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia. Organize symposia and panel discussions on this subject. Ask these organizations to join the effort by including a "conservation corner" on their own websites and links to this site.
  • Consider forming a cooperative to buy wood in bulk responsibly.
  • Explore alternative tropical species that are more abundant. Dealers have told me that there are dozens of new species that fall in this category but are not being brought into the market- until the others are eliminated from the wild. Organize test demonstrations on the lathe of new species.
  • Ask the World Wildlife Fund's Global Forest and Trade Network to address this specific problem. Also, the Rainforest Alliance, Greenpeace, Musicwood, and the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Tell your art galleries that you want art pieces from environmentally certified wood.
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